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You need a controller to play this game at the moment ( Sorry if you don't have one, we're working on it )

Jump into our futuristic space noir adventure and take on the role of detective James Madson. Meet a quirky cast of characters as you search for the most handsome man in the galaxy.

This game is a narrative driven metroidvania platformer. You take on the role of a down on his luck detective who must now find the ever illusive handsome man. You can run, jump, and climb over everything in game to get where they need to be. It's all about letting you feel like a detective and making your own deductions. You must talk to various NPCs around the map to gain information, which in turn will lead to more information and so on and so on; until you solve the case.

Remeber you are given a "watch", in game, that provides a real time map of the level which can used while in conversation to ask about any location or object on the map. If you find something interesting when in conversation then make a note of what has been said and make a visible connection between where you got the information and where it lead you.

These notes and connections can be view later at any time once you open your map, eventually it starts to look just like a conspiracy wall!


Drop Dead Gorgeous.zip (41 MB)


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Incredible narrative experience with a fantastic art style!! You guys made a great game, thank you :)

Thank you very much! We're glad you liked it!